31st May 2015 – Trinity Sunday

Today is the day in the church when we celebrate the Trinity – the fact that God is one in three and three in one. I’ve heard various sermons preached on this day, trying to explain the theology. Trying to make logic fit the reality of God. But I can’t help thinking we are missing the point.We live in a world that treasures the rational and the logical. That works in diagrams and flowcharts. But faith and belief is rarely logical and rational. You cannot explain it with a flowchart or diagram. That’s why its called faith.

The point about Trinity Sunday is that it celebrates God as great and mighty. As all-powerful. As creator, able to bring matter out of nothing. It celebrates God as one of us, able to laugh and cry, to dance and mourn. To feel the soil beneath his feet and have barbeques with his friends. As the redeemer who died for us. It celebrate God who guides and inspires, comforts and gifts. The Spirit who moves within us.

It’s not rational or logical. But it’s what we celebrate – God as creator, redeemer, inspirer.

About iggandfriends

Taking time out to ponder life and everything else. This is the space where I press the pause button on my busy life to reconnect with God, to re-energize, and focus on my creativity. Time out to blow bubbles, walk on the beach, write some stuff, do some needlework, and generally enjoy life once again. You can view my main blog at www.iggandfriends.wordpress.com. I also have another blog at www,faithinthehome.wordpress.com, and a arty/crafty one at http://52weeksofcreations.wordpress.com/. I hope you enjoy visiting :)
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  1. Really enjoy your blogs V. Inspiring!


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