Abide in love John 15:7-17

Abide is one of those words we all think we know the meaning of. We tend to think of it as living in, or being in. The meaning of the word in English is much wider than this. It can mean to withstand, to tolerate, to acquiesce, to conform to the rules, to rest or dwell.

The Greek words meaning abide are even wider. There are five different words which we translate as abide:

epimeno, which sometimes indicates perseverance in continuing to do something.

katameno, which means to constantly reside.

parameno, which means to continue in relationship with a person

hupomeno, to remain in a place instead of leaving it; to stay behind or persevere.

and prosmeno, which indicates a persistent loyalty even to death.

The ‘meno’ bit intensifies the verb and makes it more emphatic.

As Christians, when we abide in the love of God it means we will be loyal to God even unto death we are loyal to it even unto death. When we abide, we remain in a certain place even when the rest of the world has left us behind. To abide means to continue doing whatever is being done even when it is hard and the urge to quit is almost too much. The word abide means to cling to something and have faith in it, even when it seems to have failed.

Abiding in the love of God is not just staying in the presence of God, but far deeper than that. Abide in the love of God. Stick with your faith, even when things seem hard. Trust God with all that you are.

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